St Margarets Beach – Dover – British Road project.

Walking along the Kentish Coastline from Dover I found myself in the beautiful bay of St Margarets. Where Ian Fleming looked across the picturesque seascape and drew inspiration for many a Bond novel from his house ‘at cliffe’. In fact the scenery and surroundings from the white cliffs and beyond inspired the landscape and setting for his novel ‘Moonraker’.

Onto my experience of the bay. Having spent the last few days exploring the vaguely run down Dover, almost looking forward to an escape. It was a refreshing surprise to find an area of such outstanding natural Beauty so close and walkable to the town of Dover itself. It also gave me an insight into how Dover might have seemed before the war effort and all that the town gave.

I too found it very inspiring on this beautiful bayline, producing quite geometrical candid shots that utilized the gorgeous lights and colours being produced by my environment that day. This is something I haven’t really noticed in my shooting style before but certainly something I intend to pursue to a greater extent as I love the way you can dissect a frame by merely paying attention to the lines and shapes provided by the world around. These shapes and lines can also help to lead the eye into the frame more easily and also to fill said frame with relevance and beauty.